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Did you know that the construction technology of our houses guarantees thermal comfort and energy efficiency unparalleled in this type of buildings? Just the walls and roofs made out of 100mm thick boards meet Polish norms of year-round residential buildings. We, however, go even further. Looking at the galloping increases in energy prices, we decided to propose solutions that significantly increase the usability and economics of the entire building. The comparative heat transfer tests commissioned by us for walls and roofs made of sandwich panels with a PIR foam core clearly show that a 120 mm wall corresponds to a wall built using the traditional method, made of Porotherm 24 cm ceramic hollow bricks with 22 cm thick Styrofoam insulation. However, clients from sunny and scorching Italy as well as from icy Scandinavia suggested using isolation that would be even more effective. We designed and carried out tests for 160 mm boards. The effect surprised us all positively.

The wall now corresponds to a traditional wall with insulation, with a total thickness of 52 cm! And that’s not it yet… Optionally, we add the possibility of additional insulation of the building from the inside using Rockwool mineral wool boards with a hard gypsum board finish; and so we reached a thickness of almost 60 cm and you won’t have to worry about any heat or frost. Additionally, the home budget will be barely affected 😉. An extra advantage of these solutions is a significant increase in fire protection and soundproofing of the building. The primary goal of our company is to provide you with the highest level of comfort and safety of use. Check the offer: tables with test results are available on our website small-home.pl/en in the tab

Feel free to configure in your home everything you need. With our unique configurator the design you will create may feature a home spa, air conditioning, interior woodwork and much more!

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