When no home design meets your expectations....

The perfect location, the perfect piece of land, enough financial resources, the time for perfect home design… that’s how our story begins. We were looking for the perfect vacation home to relax in our leisure time. And that’s where we hit a rough road… literally, since most of the summer home designs are so-called two-storey mountain houses. Or on the extreme opposite – barn-style houses, also two-storey. And our dream was of a single-story home, a place safe for both children and adults (adults that may struggle when using stairs).

Looking for single-story, modular homes, on the other hand, we came across cramped container-style houses, which we could barely associated with relaxation…

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So we designed our own homes, which first of all eliminate the above problems, and also go a step further and provide maximum comfort. Our goal is to create functional, modern, intelligent, but also beautiful summer homes which can be adapted for year-round use.

We have everything you need for your dream home

The idea of creating safe and comfortable modular homes got embedded in us so hard that from the seed that was our concept, the first home design was born. We are committed to making our homes environmentally safe, so we make them suitable for installation of alternative energy and heat sources, thus creating a passive home. Our homes are a carefully thought-out design that can be customised to suit one’s own needs and budget, using the configurator. We strive to make sure that the home fully meets all your needs. In addition, you may decide to add a Jacuzzi and/or sauna to make the space more comfortable.

Total freedom of choice.
Construction procedure.

Our company both erects the construction as well as finishes homes. The only thing required from you is the formal preparation of your land. The erection is then in our hands. Our homes are prefabricated and then assembled from ready-made components on your land. The entire process of erecting a home takes about six months, but installing in the land is 2 weeks tops. This is how we make the process of creating your dream home quick and enjoyable.

We like simple solutions and we want to give you one too. That’s why all you need is a few moments on our website to choose a design and configure your home. Use the configurator to choose thermal insulation, facade colour, furnishing and amenities for your home, such as outdoor blinds, PV, a hot tub and even a swimming pool.

A unique home for you and your loved ones!

Our homes are a rear holiday retreat from everyday life, but can also be adapted for year-round use. Configuring the design is entirely up to you. Our goal is to build an unique home for you and your loved ones.

Explore the possibilities with our configurator!