Our mission

The market is full of summer home designs to choose from. Unfortunately, most of them are either two-storey mountain-style houses or one-story cramped containers. They do not meet our criteria for leisure. If your feeling is the same, you’ve come to a great place. We will make your dreams of a safe, modern and luxurious vacation home come true. Our goal is to use the latest technology so that you can erect a summer home to your needs. Whether you spend your leisure time swimming, being with your family, or partying, Small Home has you covered.




Our houses are single-storey, so the safety of children or adults is definitely increased. We are confident in what we create, which is why our company offers a 50-year structural guarantee. And the configuration of the finish and furnishing of the home is left to you, with the help of our configurator.

What are our homes made of?

Each modular home of the Small Home line is built with the highest quality construction and finishing materials. We rely on energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly raw materials. The load-bearing structure of our homes is made up of strong, hot-dip galvanised and corrosion-resistant steel profiles. The walls and roofing of the buildings feature sandwich panels with a core made of PIR plastic, PIR foam insert panels are fireproof, very lightweight and ensure indoor acoustic comfort.

Small Home designs feature energy-efficient PVC double-glazed window frames. You can also match it with Smart sliding doors and standard or premium interior woodwork. In the shell & core stage of development we offer cement floors and OSB floors. Wall finishing is offered on request - with white sandwich board or dry walls for dry rooms and bathrooms. The space around home is arranged per clients’ guidelines: paving stones, concrete slabs or other materials of clients’ choice.

Why choose homes by Small Home?

Each of our designs for single-storey homes of up to 70 m2 or 35 m2 is marked with years of experience, analysis and observation of the latest construction trends. Small Home's modular technology is unique for its high quality construction, energy efficiency and durability. A particularly interesting part of the design is the reinforced, galvanized frame. It makes the modules resistant to moisture and corrosion for years.

Small Home homes are offered with a 50-year guarantee and can be customised to your individual needs. By choosing our modular homes, you are choosing energy efficiency, thermal comfort and your own safety.

Another advantage of our homes is their stylish design, inspired by the latest trends in modern architecture. Small in size solids fit well in urban and rural landscapes. Do you seek closeness to the natural world and want to create a unique space to live and relax? Then go for Small Home solutions. We will hand over your dream home to you in the shell & core stage or turnkey stage, equipment according to your vision.

How is Small Home technology different from modular wooden homes?

Small Home technology includes homes up to 35 m2 and larger homes of 70 m2. They are different from classic modular wooden homes by their special design. This is so because we use strong galvanised steel profiles, with thermal insulating sandwich panels with PIR foam filling between them. Wooden modular houses, unlike Small Home design, feature frames (skeleton) formed of wooden posts and planking, filled with mineral wool.

Small Home homes are placed on steel reinforced supports, coated with a thick layer of zinc. The galvanising process makes the steel resistant to rusting as well as well-performing in harsh conditions and increased humidity. The profiles that we use in our homes will not deform, bend or crack. Unlike wooden structures, steel modules with sandwich panels are also resistant to pest attacks or rotting processes. The steel support profiles and PIR plastic are fireproof, which also affects your safety and living comfort.

What options of the configurator are available for you - what can you select?

Are you planning to build a year-round or seasonal modular home on your land but unsure what to consider at the ordering stage? With our configurator selecting a design is much easier. It saves time and browsing through dozens of offers by installation or finishing companies is not necessary. This free tool includes a list of all our services and a specification of available solutions for:
• structure foundation,
• heating,
• guttering and elevations,
• plumbing and electrical installations,
• interior and exterior woodwork,
• ventilation,
• furnishing for bathrooms, other interiors and terrace.
Plus, using the configurator you can also check the cost of our energy-saving packages (PV kits, collectors), green packages and anti-burglary packages. The tool will automatically calculate the cost and generate a list of proposed equipment, technology or materials. Simply select the company/individual option to immediately receive a calculation of the cost of your home.


A modular home is a prefabricated structure factory-made parts, called modules. The group of modular buildings includes both timber-frame buildings and houses made of galvanised profiles and sandwich panels filled with PIR foam. Modular walls and roofs (wooden or steel) are transported from factories to construction sites, where expert assemblers assemble them into a single block. The features of modular homes include quick construction and assembly time, lightweight, structural durability and the possibility to convert the building to a passive building.

The completion time of our modular homes depends on different factors, such as the preferred standard of finish, details of installation, joinery or the number of layers of insulation. The average waiting time for a modular home from Small Home in turn-key delivery is about 6 weeks or longer, depending on the current volume of orders at the production facility. The process of installing the modules on the customer’s land itself takes about 14 days. The dates for hand-over of homes and the start of construction are consulted between our supervisors and investors individually.

Small Home’s modular homes with PIR sandwich panel walls are unique for their very high corrosion resistance, lightness, load-bearing capacity and strength. PIR is a fully safe and fireproof material that will guarantee you with thermal and acoustic comfort. Our home also feature an outstanding design – we focus on modern and minimalist architecture. You can freely configure each modular home according to your needs. Our options include small homes up to 35 m2, as well as homes up to 70 m2 year-round or seasonal.

If you plan to quickly build the home of your dreams with minimum redtape, you want to go for our construction. You will erect homs up to 70 m2 on your land upon a notification. According to the revised building law, you no longer need to apply for a building permit if your house is:

  • a single-family building,
  • freestanding building,
  • intended for your own residential purposes,
  • up to two stories.

Doubts or questions about any formal aspects in Small Home’s projects? Get in touch with us.

With the configurator option, you can quickly check the price of any Small Home project. Homes 26 m2 – 33 m2 sold as shell & core in the basic package are offered by us prices ranging from PLN 137 000 to PLN 155 000 (* the prices are variable and depend on the market situation and current prices of materials, etc.). When your detailed finish, installation and equipment options re selected, the configurator will calculate the estiamated cost of your order. As an individual customer you pay 8% VAT, as a company – 23% VAT. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about the prices of selected packages.

Our billing system is very transparent. Upon completion of design configuration you make an earnst money payment of 50% of the order value. After receiving the first payment, we proceed with your investment. You pay the second installment to our account only after the investment is completed. We adjust any design changes and related billing changes on an ongoing basis with you, taking consideration all your guidelines. At every stage of the billing, we remain at your disposal to assist you with any additional questions.

The prices of modular homes presented in the free Small Home configurator are always gross prices. So if you are an individual and intend to buy a modular home from us, you will pay 8% VAT. As an entrepreneur, you will pay 23% VAT for each design. So how do you find out the total cost of buying a home? In the configurator summary, under the tab: Customer, select the appropriate option: individual or company. When you click on one of the two options above, you will see the updated net and gross home prices.

Small Home’s homes in shale&core stage of development , in the economy version, are seasonal homes. Any design on individual request, of course, we be converted to a year-round use – achieving the standard of an energy-efficient house. If you are interested in the option of a year-round modular home, use our configurator. Choose the right option for heating, wall insulation or exterior woodwork. Contact Small Home’s technical advisors and learn more about year-round modular homes.


We support Ukraine

Did you know that the construction technology of our houses guarantees thermal comfort and energy efficiency unparalleled in this type of buildings? Just the walls and roofs made out of 100mm thick boards meet Polish norms of year-round residential buildings.

The only configurator of its kind

Feel free to configure in your home everything you need. With our unique configurator the design you will create may feature a home spa, air conditioning, interior woodwork and much more!

  • Five comfortable designs
  • Unlimited choice of equipment
  • Professional advice